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Should I Refinance?

We’ll help you make the right decision when it comes to your home.

Reasons to Refinance

Interest rates change daily and when rates drop Hayward Capital will be here to help you take advantage. As part of our individualized service, we have a “Rate Watch” program and will contact you personally when it looks like a financially prudent time to take advantage of the market.
A 30-year fixed is a safe and popular choice for homeowners however it is not always the best choice. Based on industry research, the average life of a 30-year fixed is only 5-7 years. Most people sell or refinance within the first 5-7 years so perhaps a shorter fixed term with lower interest rate makes more sense for you.
Your home ages and often times the needed home improvements are expensive. You can pull money out of your home to update your kitchen, bathroom, or backyard. Others have pulled equity out of their home to pay-off debt, consolidate loans, help with college finances, and/or to diversify investments. Whatever your particular needs are we can help you achieve a mortgage that will help you get to your goal.
Many people who purchased or refinanced in the past were required to have monthly mortgage insurance. However, values increase and/or loan programs evolve. An advantage of being a past client of ours is that we will contact you when the opportunity to get rid of the mortgage insurance presents itself so you don’t have to pay extra each month if you don’t have to.

Start the Refinance Process Now!

With all the uncertainties of life it is nice to know that you can refinance your home to better fit your present needs. We know that your financial needs change as years pass and your mortgage can help you adjust to the changes. There are many reasons to consider refinancing and Hayward Capital is here to assist you to make the best choice given your needs.

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